Returning Student Registration Information

Dear District 80 Families,

We are proud to announce registration for returning families for the 2022-2023 school year is now open .  Returning students who will be in first through eighth grade will complete registration online.   

If your child will attend preschool or kindergarten next year, please follow the preschool or kindergarten registration information below. Registration for preschool and kindergarten must be completed in-person.

Steps to complete for residency and registration for returning students:


  • If you have forgotten your Parent Portal username or password, you can use the provided link to reset your username or password to access your account.


  • If you cannot access your account, after trying to reset your username or password, you can contact Tammy Dicintio at to request assistance.


  • Once you have logged into your Parent Portal account, under “Navigation” on the left-hand side, you will see “Forms”.  Please select “Forms” and complete each of the Tabs A-K.  The forms are preloaded with most of the required information, but we ask you to review and revise, as needed.  Please review each form.
    1. Please complete forms for each student returning to District 80, but you only have to send the residency information once.  When you have completed Form K, “Acknowledgement of Completion”, you are finished with registration and you can log off.  Your residency and registration will be reviewed by the district.  Your registration is complete when Form K shows an “approved” status.  This can take up to a month, please be patient.


  • Form D - Residency Form - requires you to send residency proofs to the email.  Please read requirements carefully.   This form will not populate or show approval at any time.  Registration is not complete until residency proofs have been sent and verified.  We will be verifying all proofs for residency.  If additional information is needed, you will be contacted via email.  


  • Below are the Student Curriculum Fees for the 22-23 School Year.  These fees will be loaded into our online payment system, PushCoin, by the first week in August.  You will receive an email from PushCoin to make a payment once the fees are loaded.  You can make a payment on PushCoin at any time. 


Steps to complete residency and registration for preschool, kindergarten or new students: 

  • New student (1st-8th), preschool, and kindergarten registration takes place at Leigh School.  Please call Tammy Dicintio at (708) 441-3045 to schedule an appointment. 


If you have any questions regarding residency and registration please contact Tammy Dicintio at (708) 441-3045.

Thank you,
Michele Guzik

Norridge School District 80


Student Curriculum Fees for the 22-23 school year.  

Grade Level/Placement  

22-23 Curriculum Fee  





















Athletics (per sport)