Registering for District 80 Schools

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Norridge School District 80 Registration

An original birth certificate (not a baptismal or hospital certificate) and proof of residency, within the NSD 80 boundaries, will be required for registration. If child was born out of the country, an official translated birth certificate is also needed. Prior to enrollment in the fall, all students will be required to also have on file with the school, a physical examination and evidence of current immunizations. A dental examination and vision examination for kindergarten is also required so parents are encouraged to plan ahead and make doctor appointments early.

Parents of children registering for preschool/kindergarten must provide three methods of verifying legal residence in NSD 80. All three proofs of residency must be in the same name of the Parent/Legal Guardian registering the child. The following must be used to verify legal residence:

Choose one of these documents:

  • Most recent real estate tax bill (with proof of payment)

  • Most recent mortgage statement (with proof of payment)

  • Most recent lease agreement with child’s name listed on the lease as an occupant (with proof of payment)

Those who do not own a home but are living with a family within NSD 80 boundaries must not only provide the above information pertaining to residence from the homeowner, you must also submit a Notarized Attestation Form. The form can be picked up in the office or found on the NSD 80 website.

Choose one of these documents from each numbered section:

  1. Current State of Illinois with Current Address (choose one – IL Driver’s license or IL State ID)

  2. Recent Utility bill (choose one) – gas or electric or phone or water or cable

If you do not provide three documents (with current address) verifying legal residence, along with an original birth certificate, we will be unable to complete the registration process.

In the case of divorced or separated parents, legal guardian’s must provide proof of legal guardianship and that the child’s primary residence is within NSD 80 boundaries.



Please contact the District Registrar for new student registration 708-441-3045.