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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • I have an account, but have forgotten my password. How do I get it back or reset it? If you have already created an account and have lost or forgotten your username or password the system will email that info back to the email address used at the time the account was created. To do this go to https://powerschool.norridge80.org and click FORGOT USERNAME OR PASSWORD?
  • What is PowerSchool? PowerSchool is our student information system. It allows schools to manage information such as attendance, demographics, student and teacher schedules, etc. Since Powerschool is web-based, some of this information can easily, but safely be shared with parents and students through Parent Portal. Parent Portal is also the way to set your school broadcast notifications preferences.
  • What web browsers are recommended?
  • iPhone - iOS 8 or later with one of latest 2 Safari versions
    7" - 10" Android Tablets - Android 4 or later with one of latest 2 Chrome versions
    Microsoft Surface Tablets - Windows 8.1 or later with one of latest 2 Edge versions
    Chromebooks - Chrome OS 36 or later with one of latest 2 Chrome versions
    Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble Nook NOT SUPPORTED
    PCs (laptop or desktop running Windows) - Internet Explorer 11 or one of latest two versions of Edge
    PCs (laptop or desktop running Windows) - one of latest two version of FireFox or one of latest two versions of Chrome
    Mac (laptop or desktop running macOS) - one of latest two versions of Safari or one of latest two versions of FireFox or Chrome
    Features may or may not work correctly in other browsers (Opera, Konqueror, etc.). If you have opted for a browser other than the recommended options and have difficulty you should switch to a recommended browser.
  • Do I need a separate login for each of my children? Each child will be assigned a unique AccessID and Password. You create your own account through Parent Portal and can link multiple student accounts to your own account.
  • How do I link additional students to my account once it is setup? Instructions on how to add an additional student to an existing Parent Portal Account can be found on the lower half of page 44 of the Parent Portal User Guide.
  • What can I see on the PowerSchool site? Parents can access the following information: grades for current classes (if teachers are using PowerSchool to record grades), attendance for the past two weeks or the current quarter, teachers comments, and email links to teachers.
  • Is this system secure? Absolutely. In fact, your child's safety and privacy are our greatest priorities. The Parent Portal is hosted through PowerSchool, our secure student information system. Your child's records can only be accessed by authorized school officials and those with whom you share your password.
  • I have questions about the information found regarding my child's information in PowerSchool. Who should I contact? Please visit with your child about your concerns, if appropriate, and then contact your child's teacher by phone or by email, if needed.
  • I logged into Parent Portal and selected the BALANCE ALERT under EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS. I received an email from PowerSchool with balance or billing information that is different than what I have received from the school office. PowerSchool is not currently being used for lunch balance. Please do not use the lunch balance email notification item.
  • The lunch report in PowerSchool doesn't seem to be working? Will it be fixed soon? No. The company contracted with the school to handle lunch (Ceres) does not use or interface with PowerSchool. We will continue to handle lunch as we have in the past. For questions about the school lunch program please call the school office and ask to speak to Ceres.
  • There is an item within PowerSchool about registering for classes. Will I be able to use this? This feature is primarily intended for high schools. We will not be doing online registration. Registration for classes will be handled as it has been in the past. For more information please contact the school office.
  • How often are grades updated online? Check individual teacher's web pages for their policy on how often or when they post grades online. As of fall 2018 we have moved to standards based grading. You may find little to nothing in the way of grades being reported in PowerSchool. Contact your child's teacher to determine the best way to track progress.
  • How do I cancel my Parent Portal account? Send an email from the account that is registered with Parent Portal to tdicintio@norridge80.net indicating you would like your Parent Portal account disabled. Be sure to include school, names of students, and homeroom of each student.
  • I don't have Internet access at home. How can I access the PowerSchool Parent Portal? A computer will be available at each school for parents to use during regular school hours. Just check in at the office and someone will help you. Computers are also available at the public library.
  • Parent Portal isn't working right on my computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Can you help? District 80 staff can not provide assistance in troubleshooting, maintaining, or upgrading non-District 80 owned equipment. A computer will be available at each school for parents to use during regular school hours. Just check in at the office and someone will help you. Computers are also available at the public library.
  • How do I get more help with the PowerSchool Parent Portal? Aside from the resources found on this page, you should contact Mrs. Dicintio at tdicintio@norridge80.net with questions regarding the Parent Portal.


PowerSchool Parent Portal User Guide ( .pdf file)

PowerSchool for Parents App for iPhone and iPad, available via iTunes Store
setup: search for Norridge School District 80 or enter code NDQH